Aiden Jude – Know Me EP

Know Me EP (Press Photo 1).jpg

Out today, Aiden Jude drops a new EP titled “Know Me” featuring three dance tracks, two of which are joined by New York based singer-songwriter Leah Dee. Having worked on the tracks over the past months, the EP showcases Aiden Jude’s strong ability to produce powerful downtempo tunes , weaving them with stunning vocals. Catchy, vibe-y, and all around very put together – we look forward to seeing what else is in store for this incredible upcoming talent!

Know Me EP (Cover).jpg

A small backstory to “Love Me Again”:
“Love Me Again was actually something I finished over a weekend. Laid down all the melodies on a Friday or Saturday night, and finished it over the next day or two. The vocals on this track we’re kind of an interesting situation. I was looking for some kind of temporary vocal until I got either a sample from online or something from a singer. So I called over my six year old sister, who was five at the time, and I recorded her on my phone saying the phrase “love me again.” It took a couple of times to get the pitch just right, but overall she sang it pretty on key. I actually recorded a video of her singing it and posted it on Instagram. You could probably find it if you scroll down the feed enough. I than threw it into Logic and added a couple of FX, harmonies, and so on. After all of that, something still felt missing from the song. It needed more. The love me again sample wasn’t enough, the track still needed one more element to tie it all together… so I called over my dad, and we added some versus. For this part I spent a little bit longer working on the lyrics. I than recorded him singing, which took a little bit of tuning but overall sounded pretty good as well, ran it through Logic and added some more FX and harmonies and there I had it. The temporary vocals we’re there. I closed down the project for the night and than reopened it early the next morning. I listened to it a couple of time and thought to myself  “Wow, this actually sounds pretty good.” I worked on the vocals a bit more, but I ended up keeping my sister and dads vocals for the finished version of the song.” – Aiden Jude

Know Me EP (Press Photo 2).jpg

Check out the tracks below and let us know which one is your favorite!

Connect with Aiden Jude here:
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